Cassie Koyle

Hello! I am glad you found your way to my website. Here is a little about me...I am originally from Missoula, Montana. Home to the GRIZ! I relocated to Denver in 2010 and fell in love with the ease of mountain city life. I met my husband in 2014 and got married in my hometown in 2018.  



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January 2020 started with a bang, our daughter, Olivia, decided to join the world almost 3 weeks early! Which is making the rest of 2020 seem to fit! Outside of building my business and raising our daughter, I enjoy walking & hiking and all things outdoors! But with a new baby you can catch me using nap time for a good Netflix binge!

I have worked in the small business world for over a decade!

I started young helping my dad with his striping business, mostly getting up at 4 am to sleep in the car, and probably slept through the first job! As a young teenager I ventured into spas & salons, working both front desk and assistant manager, as well as a professional stylist. After moving to Denver in 2010, that spa setting lead me to my 8 years managing a chiropractic office, wearing many hats as small businesses tend to; one of which being website & social media manager and IT Gal. 

In 2014, I decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in psychology while also working in a medical office. During my college experience, I took some elective computer courses and reignited the spark for technology again! I decided to minor in computer information systems and keep my major in psychology. I believe both play a role in engaging customers on your website. Being able to understand why clients are going to certain websites and how to design a website that will help clients easily navigate and support you!

I truly want to help small businesses with any and all IT solutions

Knowing the skills I needed I decided to take a full-stack web development certification course in 2018. where I learned the ins and outs of JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, React, and more! Finishing many projects and team assignments while learning how to problem solve in the latest technologies. Allows me to handle small business tech related issues.

While working and in school, I noticed a pattern of people needing a quick fix and not wanting to pay a big box IT guys $$$ for 20 minutes of their time, or someone looking for a new website, not wanting a cookie cutter website but also not wanting to DIY the website. This lead to the start of my company C|< Designs in 2019! 

I am here as your go-to IT Gal; from complete website designs, redesigns, email setup, to WiFi and networking issues! 


Let’s work together!


C|< Designs is a locally women-owned small business here to help other small businesses with IT solutions! 

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