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How do I set up a website for my small business?


When creating a new website for clients I send LARGE amounts of information. My goal is to be transparent and clear when giving you options to fit your small business needs. For Hannah and Copper Door Coffee Roaster, Shopify was the current and preferred platform. Allowing for online shopping, shipping options, and pick-up orders with ease to both consumer and business.

With a new client, I ask questions regarding the business both what the client sees and what legal items are needed when setting up things like e-commerce and payment integrations.

  • general business information

  • You know the information Google provides to customers. Hours, website address(if purchased), business tagline, phone numbers, emails, everything!!

  • website you like

  • This allows me to visuals what you are trying to say for functionality, layout, or content

  • websites you don’t like

  • You can learn a lot about what will work for you and your business by what you do NOT want

  • brand items, images, fonts, color schemes

  • keywords & phrases

  • list of services or products

  • content transfer

  • gather social media links

  • functionality needs

  • blog details


  • what do you like?

  • what don’t you like?

  • functions to keep

  • changes to content or images

The more information you can provide reHarding your brand and business the better I can understand and create the custom website to best fit your business. The editing process will be a two-way road of communication, sending & approving mock-ups, set up of alt tag, links out, getting necessary images and content in a timely fashion. Thankfully, I work with the best small businesses!

For the Copper Door Coffee Project I knew I needed to highlight and take advantage of the roasts, blends, flavors being similar. Customers are going to want to filter based on tasting notes and roast, this is an industry-standard. Adding some additional details and sorting abilities to help aid customers in finding their perfect roast!

We also needed to have a way to link more meaningful product notes, like the farm or region the coffee is coming from. Copper Door Coffee has great stories to share above and beyond their coffee we needed to show customers the women behind the coffee. Supporting a cause is important and Copper Door Coffee Roasters continues to supporting several farms in various ways while creating delicious blends!

Come back next week to hear how the review process is simple with CkDesigns!

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