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What is involved in developing a New Website?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Hi There 👋

I want to share the processes I take in creating a new website for clients. And I think the best way to show you is from an actual project! As February's client highlight is a longtime client Hannah, owner of Copper Door Coffee Roasters.

Copper Door Coffee Roaster has had several locations throughout Denver since 2006, including Denver Botanic Gardens. Most recently Copper Door Coffee is on the shelves at select Safeways-- Find SOME NOW!

With Hannah and Copper Door Coffee Project I had a leg up being their website maintenance and go-to IT gal! So I had completed a list of items I knew needed to be present on the website for ease of user navigation and use!

With a new client, this list is created by evaluating all functionality needs they currently have or mentioned needs, as well as my research on assumed standards within the industry (i.e. scheduling, ordering online, pick up in stores). What functions your business might need outside industry standards, like a google maps API store locator.

Think of EVERYTHING your business needs clients to do before they get to you!

Once the functionality is accounted for, I like to begin to collect all design and media elements into one location. There is nothing worse than being dialed into a design project only to get stopped up trying to find that one email that the client sent 2…wait 3 weeks ago.

This is where Trello comes in! I have cards for every client, and sometimes break down large projects into their own cards! For a new website I start a new card, this is where I will store Pantone numbers, fonts details, code for certain functions or animations, media from clients- like logos. I can quickly reference the project card while designing and cut down on time spent searching for these brand and business items.

Next, I will begin to build the framework of the website, a general structure or outline of the website. This can be a mix of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, or for stores built on a Shopify platform, it can be Shopify liquid. Bringing in your business's brand- from color schemes to custom fonts.

Once the foundational pieces are in place I will go through and add custom content to really showcase what your brand will look like online. I tend to send 2-3 mock-ups, that I believe will be the best fit for your business. This is when you will receive the first stage of mock-ups.

With this project, we went through a few themes before deciding to go custom, allowing us to showcase the Copper Door Coffee Roaster Brand design. Never be afraid to speak your truths when designing a custom website for your small business brand.

Honesty is the best policy. Feedback creates your custom brand online.

Next week I will discuss what the website design looks like for you, the client.


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