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New Client Questionnaire 

These questions help when creating your custom business website. From how you want to communicate with users, the best features for your business, items to avoid, insight into your specific industry, and more! The more details you can share the more custom we can get in your design. Required items are essential to the foundation of brand building. Optional items are going to dig into your unique business perspective. As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

When working with my clients there is a lot of communication involved. From requests on items need for your website to screenshots of the error you are having. I want to communicate in the best way possible- let me know which method is your preferred form of communication. Some issues may require me to contact you in another format

Preferred Contact Method

Let's start with some basic information regarding your business online presence.

If you have a business domain, Great! 

If not no worries- do you have any domain names in mind? Check here to see if they are available. 

You can also list them below and we can discuss the best hosting platforms.

Do you own a domain?

Keep up with CkDesigns

I try and send out quick reads on tech tips and tricks. You know a few simple tasks even a mom of 2 kiddos could handle!

For example, a sample guide of social media posts.

I will ask questions regarding the business details you want customers to see.

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