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Not sure what your needs are, let's chat! Being able to discuss what issues you are having helps me to understand exactly what it is you are in need of. Wondering how your website is holding up in google searches, a SEO Review is what you are looking for- I will give you honest feedback on your site's SEO standards and how it is affecting your website. If your website hasn't been touched in a while let C|<Designs review your website, to evaluate styling and features that could enhance your online presence.


website redesign

Reimage your platform template website, platforms include Wix, Shopify, Square Space, Wordpress, and more. Keeping all current content, or updated content provided by the client. Redesigning themes, layouts, pages, image updating, and mobile responsive design.

Starting at $300


new website

Platform template website allows you to have a custom website with less of a cost than custom coded; because the "bones" of the site are already put together. These platforms are made using template HTML, custom CSS (or similar), JavaScript. All features and styling will be customized to fit your specific business needs. This is a great option for small businesses, it allows you the flexibility to add or edit a semi-custom site without needing the knowledge in code or having a whole website development team! All content will be provided by the client. Your site will be hosted by a third party, and these costs vary, the best option and plan will be discussed during our consultations.
Starting at $600

If you are looking for a fully customized site, let's discuss more of your needs to give you a better quote



Need an IT team but without the cost? This service is just what you are looking for. Any and all IT Solutions: issues with plugins & applications, emails, syncing, domain, hosting, software, networks, and more! This also includes website maintenance: updating and maintaining features, plugins & apps. The client provides content updates: New images, sale products, changing layout, price changes, address changes. Keeps your website style up to date and SEO current with any new content added.

$4,200 per year (PAID IN FULL)

$4,600 per year (PAYMENTS)

- $383 per month 

The first month is an additional fee, for the initial overhaul

Travel time Fee for locations outside the Denver metro area
Minor changes, plus once a year revamp


website maintenance

The ever-changing internet and constant updating of website content & maintaining features. Regular SEO reviews & config
Third-party plugins & apps need updates and replacement when they can't keep up with the client or business needs.

|Overhaul |

One time SEO config, updating or install plugins & apps, Styling & Modernizing (designer & client design), any site with over one year no maintenance
$2,520 one time fee

|Monthly |

Once a month SEO config, updating or install plugins & apps
$840 per year

|Quarterly |

Once every three months(4x) SEO config, updating or install plugins & apps
$1,260 per year

Price may vary depending on the severity of changes and size of the site



When you are in a pinch and don't need a longterm IT person

-Website Content Updates
-Social Media Management
-Social Media Training & Templates
-Host or server setup, with NO maintenance
-Website Redesign(no/minimal content changes)
-SEO Overhaul one time
-IT Solutions

$45 an hour

content provided by the client


C|< Designs is a locally women-owned small business here to help other small businesses with IT solutions! 

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