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A Few Tricks to Help Your Business Online

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Hello, again fellow small business owners 👋

I know it is not easy to wear as many hats as small business owners tend to. So here is a shortlist that will help you TREMENDOUSLY in the long haul of your business' online presence. These simple items can make sure that the presence you grow online is functioning most efficiently.

The first item on this list is easy to manage, image naming, when you upload new photos to your website or social media FIRST rename those images from the default image name like 'img_09132021456' to something more descriptive for the search engine to process and catalog, describe the product/service in the image, like 'productX_Bigstore', this way your image is being tagged with your product AND your business name for the search engines sorting of information.

Search Engines look at all sorts of items when determining the validity of a website! So when creating a new page for your website (on any platform) make sure the URL slug is not a duplicate or default names like 'copy-of-contact' or 'page_id=57', simply rename your page SLUG to match the content provided. This will help the search engine categorize the webpage when people are searching the web.

Having dead links going in and out of your site is how you hurt your business' online presence without even trying! Try setting a reminder to check any links on your website, Facebook tabs (shop, tours, etc), Instagram link, and all business platforms. Check for no 404 errors or misdirects from your own internal page links or external links, you are referencing.

Lastly, but definitely not least, GET a google business account (if you have not already claimed your online business with google), make sure your information is current and correct! If you already have a google business account great! Now go one step further and create a google analytics account FOLLOW THESE STEPS to setup an account get a tracking ID and start to track all sorts of interactions between your business and customers online. Tracking your online presence with a search engine can give you great insight into your customers! For example, you can see if customers use your mobile or desktop sight more--THIS IS IMPORTANT. A bad customer experience on your online business can end a relationship before it even starts.

Well, small business owners pick one! Just one and make it happen for your business!

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